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Rascal Dildos, Double Dildos and Anal Dildos

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Rascal - The Delinquent
The Delinquent
nature o. black
approx. 32 cm

Rascal - The Excess 18
The Excess 18"
approx. 45 cm

Rascal - Links
nature o. black
approx. 31 cm

Rascal - The Baller
The Baller
nature o. black
approx. 45 cm

Rascal - The Doubleteamer
The Doubleteamer
nature o. black
approx. 71 cm

Rascal - Black Balled
Black Balled
approx. 28 x 7.5 cm

Rascal - El Diablo
Silicone El Diablo
black o. red
approx. 20.5 cm

Rascal - Asstronaut
Silicone Asstronaut
black o. red
approx. 19.5 cm

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